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What is Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi (Latin) World-soul, world-mother; the divine-spiritual-astral-physical source of life and animating principle of all beings. Corresponds to Isis, Bhakti, Shekinah, Sophia, Maria, Ruah, Alaya. The root of the word “Anima” is ‘Anu’, which means ‘atom’ and ‘essence’ in Sanskrit. ‘Anas’ means whiff of air, breath, soul, exhalation.

The concept of the world soul is universal. Anima Mundi extends cross religions, cross times, across cultures and gender. She has a feminine feel, but in essence she is androgynous – on the landscape of creation she stands before the separation into divine feminine and masculine, anima and animus. She is whole. She connects heights and depths, the spirit and the flesh. She is a hidden reservoir of the planet’s past and future, which contains images, memories, mythologies – collective wisdom of all.

As desire for life, love and inspiration, she is diffused throughout all nature, including every cell in your body and every atom in the universe.

It used to be accessible only to mystics and artists, but now in the times of global quickening, now that the sages have shared their secrets, it is accessible to all.


Wildness gives us a possibility to be happy, flowing, imaginative, creative, spontaneous, playful, total – alive. Wisdom gives us a possibility to see the bigger picture, to feel the cycles of creation, to know the time to collect and distribute stones, time to build and time to burn, to envision and develop within divine proportions, to forgive and remember, or to forgive and forget. Wisdom makes us visionary contributors and leaders of what is possibly the most interesting time in the history of humanity – the time of global quickening.

In our experiential programs, through our step by step comprehensive system, based on the world’s most profound non-dual teachings, like tantra, sufism and kaballah, we awaken the wild and wise soul inside, we awaken the Anima Mundi.  

In the tradition of non-duality we are bridging worlds unmanifest and manifest, spirit and matter, spirituality and science, enlightenment and social leadership, eastern tantric and western Kabbalistic ideas, anima and animus, wild and wise. We harvest the spark from the dance of the opposites, while recognizing and nurturing the awakening of the one soul within.

When the light of the soul returns, we start living in the state of deeper knowing and connection to all life, mastery of the alchemy of feminine and masculine, sexual vibrancy,  expanded universal awareness, realization of infinite possibilities and manifestation of the life purpose. Colors and shapes of the world start to speak to us, nature starts to sing her songs of to us and we start reading the world between the lines. The sense of wonder and awe that we had as children returns. The power to manifest our biggest dreams unfolds: we begin to change the fabric of life, and many new doors open.

We shift from suffering beings into radiant happy beings of ecstatic wildness and wisdom. We become empowered to choose, inspire and guide our relationships with partners, parents, children, bosses, clients or students. Our life purpose and life path becomes clear to us. As we practice we expand our abilities to become channels for healing power and sacred arts. We learn how to speak the languages of love through body language, eyes, touch, singing, dancing, poetry. We learn how to facilitate meaningful gatherings and how to co-create the magic of Anima Mundi with the ones we love.

Some people hear a calling to facilitate the shift in the world, and immerse into the advanced programs to become visionary leaders within their own groups, tribes, communities and enterprises. We support this empowerment by teaching the most advanced cognitive tools, including neuro linguistic programming, business planning, and educating students on cutting edge sustainability practices. We are envisioning to create a visionary fellowship for our graduates and helping to facilitate the funding of their projects.

Whether you choose to continue on the leadership track or not, igniting your spark from the fire of Anima Mundi will nurture you to become a beacon of light for your surroundings on the way to fulfilling your life mission