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Enlightened Culture for the New World

We live in complex and exciting times where our perception of the world is rapidly changing, through the exponential growth of information technology, breakthroughs in human enhancement, new creative ideas about love and gender, and news about ecological and financial crises.

While the news about climate is getting worse and worse, scientists claim that by 2045 they will develop a way for consciousness to have an ‘avatar’ robotic body, which will allow consciousness to travel like email in a blink of an eye, occupy any avatar and in essence be immortal. Whether it will really happen or not – the bridge between silicon and neuro networks has been built: it is already possible to manipulate objects on the screen with your thought alone.* The impulse of the human thought and the electric signal of a computer has found the direct interface and can now merge.

Now we are making a choice: to lose the most precious quality of humanity (and become robots) or to create a whole new being type – kinder, sharper, and more powerful than we have ever known before, equipped with new sources of energy, new capacities for cognitive abilities, and the possibility for much longer life.

This means that we have to get out of denial: change is happening and we better be ready to meet it with dignity and wisdom. We will have to learn how to eat, love, pray, raise our children and maybe even die in a whole new way.

We are going into uncharted territory and we need a compass. We need a new culture: new ethics, new ideology and new psychology.

We need to have answers to many questions, which will be addressed during our monthly series:

  1. What is the Next Step in Human Evolution?
  2. What can we do to take responsibility for Evolution? What is Evolutionary Intelligence and Responsibility?
  3. What is Life: Is It Always Organic? Advances in Human Enhancement.
  4. What is Technology: Is it Our Friend Or Enemy?
  5. Who are Humans and Which Self-Identification Ideas Do We Need to Let Go Of?
  6. What is Love and Is It Possible To Fall in Love With a Computer?
  7. Can an iPhone Program Raise My Child?
  8. Is Gender Obsolete?
  9. Is Marriage Obsolete?
  10. What is the Next Avatar of Romantic Love/Who is the Next Prince Charming?
  11. What is Sacred Technology and How to Practice It?
  12. What is Visionary Leadership of the Future? Interfaith Dialogue.
  13. How Can Feminine Wisdom Help to Steer the Times of Change?
  14. Can we Really Become Immortal?
  15. What are the Technologies of the Future: Nano, Bio and Information Tech, Cognitive Tech, Genetics and Robotics and How are They Going to Influence the Way We Live?
  16. What is the Nature of Memory?
  17. What is Beauty in Cosmic Perspective?

AMI Enlightened Culture Conference series is a monthly on-line broadcast and single on-site conference, which brings together the world’s leading experts with backgrounds in transformational culture, science, economics, art, philosophy and religion. These experts will provide critical insight and teach mini-classes on how to survive as a successful creative kind being in the environment of the ‘brave’ new world – where rules of reality change and the new possibilities arise.

We are bringing forth the possibility to raise Enlightened Culture Educators. Please help us raise the funds to make this happen. We need money to organize and spread the word about the conference. By donating to us you are investing in the future: for yourself, your family and your planet.


$10 Conference Badge
$33 Pass to 1 Conference
$100 CD Collection with All Conference Courses
$300 Pass to All Conferences
$450 Enlightened Culture Educator Certificate
$900 Pass to On-Site Conference
$2000 Personal Time with a Presenter of Your Choice

Sponsorship opportunities are available.