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For Couples

Discover the inner world of bliss in our sublime training for couples, reawaken the spark and step on a journey of sexual and spiritual adventure, deep healing, exploring the true potential of your partnership and opening to new opportunities of intimacy, pleasure and oneness.

The search for a harmonious relationship and ecstatic sexual union is the search for our original oneness. Feeling love is feeling ecstatic oneness with another. Our couples training seminars can take your relationship to the next level of unity, excitement and harmony.

You will learn how to fully understand each other, how to spark each other, how to keep the fire alive, how to communicate – through words, through touch, through eyes, through sheer intent. You will dive deep into the idea of soulmates, a concept so important to many of us, and learn many ancient and modern techniques of relating on every level.

This is a journey to the divine, which celebrates our being together on Earth. We hope you and your loved one can join us!

“Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.” Osho

The Spark of Splendor includes couples massage, partner energy yoga, therapeutic exercises, the art of seduction, emotional release and sensual feast.

Who should come:

* You want to have your needs fully met in your relationship

* You are ready for the relationship “MakeOver” into Extraordinary

* You want to develop higher orgasmic potential for your couple

* You want to learn how to understand your partner better

What you will learn:

* Communicate your core wants, needs and desires without hurting anyone

* How to “open” a woman?

* How to sustain male sexual levels

* How to stay in a place of love when it is the most difficult

* What does he/she want from me?

* How to have balance between merging and being in your own boundaries

* How to live a turned on meaningful life and make a difference in the world

* How to keep the Spark of Splendor going through your life

Couples Skills

* Learn erotic hypnosis to guide yourself and your partner into expanded states of consciousness and ecstasy.

* The art of enlightened arguing – arguing as a spiritual practice

* Raising polarity and magnetism, cultivating authentic masculine and enlightened feminine within the couple

* Providing sexual and spiritual healing for each other

* Superior lover skills

We will embark on a journey of healing and hope, trust and boundless compassion, a journey which will bring tears of joy into your eyes, ultimately giving you love and acceptance, that you deserve so much. Nobody taught us how to love, how to make love, how to protect, develop and cultivate our inner lover, how to provide nourishment for each others’ energy, how to help ourselves and our partners expand into our full potential.

More and more people are now starting to understand the fundamental need and urgency of sexual healing process. How many relationships could be endlessly fulfilling, if we only knew how to spark desire, satisfy ourselves to the core, elevate our partners, bring them to blissful states, help them heal from past conditioning and co-create amazing journeys together in full trust toward each other and towards nature…


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