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International Retreats


Ibiza Goddess Retreat is a deep self-rediscovery process that allows women from all over the world to gather to explore and support each other into returning to pure, sacred feminine essence.

This is a wild, juicy ride where to connect beyond the mind and the limited personality. Where to nourish each other through our bodies and hearts and celebrate our unique gifts by simply being alive as radiant, powerful and at the same time vulnerable women.

Become the radiant, sensual and wise beacon of light that you were born to be!

The Practices will include breath work, yoga, emotional release, pelvic exercises, vaginal egg practices, massage, psychodrama, sexual grounding, sacred sharing, rituals, dancing, silent meditations and other therapeutic practices.

There will be one only session in the morning and in the afternoon you will have a choice of 2 parallel workshops both related to the theme of the day. Sometimes on your own and sometimes interacting with one or more partners you will be held in a safe loving space to support you to explore and rediscover yourself. Register:


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