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Magnetic Woman Movement


To be a Woman in the 21st Century is to be a Career Woman, a Business Woman, a Hard-Working Woman, a Successful Woman. It is to be an Independent Woman, a Creative Woman, a Sexy Woman. It’s to be a Mother -Woman, a Sister-Woman, a Daughter-Woman. 

A Wonder-Woman.


We, as Women of the 21st Century, have inherited the ideals of what it means to BE a Woman from those who came before us. We’ve inherited the biases, prejudgments, and expectations of our ancestors. Today, a Woman is supposed to be Powerful yet Gentle, Calculating yet Intuitive, Virgin yet Sexy, and so much more. As a result, we end up wearing ourselves thin. We, as Women, simply DO too much, GIVE too much, and RECEIVE too little in return.It’s no wonder so many of us are unhappy, unsatisfied, or unfulfilled time and time again in our Relationship and Career Paths.


At Anima Mundi, we’ve discovered the solution to these problems.

The solution is so easy that when you understand what it is, you’ll be surprised that you haven’t thought of it before. And is not hard to implement. We’ve discovered the secret to our happiness, we’ve taught it to thousands of women all over the world in our Magnetic Woman Workshops and Retreats.

It is the return to our Natural Feminine Magic and Magnetism.


You Are Designed To Be A Magnetic Woman


 Every woman is compelling, attractive, seductive, and captivating. And it is just a matter of accessing these qualities that will allow you to unleash the power within yourself and begin to see change in your world.


Imagine What Life Will Be Like When You Claim Your Magnetic Power

floral124Imagine in the very near future walking into any crowded room and noticing that people cannot resist approaching you, smiling at you, wanting to give you a hug, inviting you places, offering assistance and even giving you gifts.

floral124Imagine that men are drawn to your magnetic field like bees to an exotic sweet flower, and it becomes natural and easy to attract the love and friendship that you want.

floral124Instead of being stressed out and invisible, you become a magnet. You attract what you most need in life. Everyone wants to inhale your spirit, absorb your essence, have a piece of you, be close to you.

floral124People are moved to give you gifts, to serve your cause, to touch you with love.By serving you, they are serving the great feminine principle, by serving you they are acknowledging the beauty and power of the goddess.

floral124You have so much fun manifesting your desires, it feels like second nature.Struggle and lack are things of the past, and you wake up every day excited about what the future brings.

floral124You feel confident in every aspect of your life.When you believe in yourself, the world believes in you too and starts co-conspiring to hand you everything you desire on a silver platter.


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