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Mission and Vision

Anima Mundi Institute offers classes in personal growth, sacred sexuality for couples and individuals, and visionary leadership. Participate in evolutionary change with us!


One can keep going to they gym, buying new clothes, watching movies and eating the best food, or waiting for that special someone who will make everything right. None of it is going to solve the real longing of a man or a woman. In fact the hungry ghost of materialistic desire is a trap into an endless hole. It will never be satisfied. Because the real hunger that we have is for the soul, for its wisdom and its wildness.

It is said that every human being was born by detaching itself from the Anima Mundi, the one soul of the world. Our vision is to support the reconnection and realignment with that soul.


Anima Mundi Institute’s mission is to facilitate the shift from living in struggle, stress and suffering into living in ecstatic wildness and wisdom connected to the soul of the world — Anima Mundi.

We fulfill this mission through offering online and offline courses, retreats and certificate programs in the area of personal development, sacred sexuality and visionary leadership.

We have specific tracks of study for individuals, women and couples:

* For Women – Enlightened Womanhood

* For Couples – Evolutionary Couple

* Tantra For Individuals – Personal Power of Love

* Visionary Leadership (to be offered in 2016)