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Tantra For Individuals

The healing part of the programs for individuals includes meta sexual healing, establishing deep and confident relationships with feminine and masculine aspects of creation within oneself and in all of one’s relations. This is the sequence of study for an individual, whether in a group or private one-on-one setting:

Step 1. Healing and Awakening the Feminine Essence.

Invoking the soul, healing the sexual energy body, mother issues, grounding

Step 2. Healing and Invoking the Masculine Essence.

Awakening the life purpose, healing father issues, centering

Step 3. Self as a Magnetic Relationship of Feminine and Masculine.

Activating Inner marriage and Divine Spark

Step 4. Visionary Transpersonal Leadership

Mastering your unique energy signature and launching your unique hero’s journey

Visionary Leadership program will allow students to become visionary leaders, healers and contributors/beacons of light of a new kind – the ones who are on the path to being internally healed, complete by themselves, and capable of envisioning and providing the help that the world needs the most. The students come out with the understanding of the state of the world, its needs and opportunities. New leaders will also learn how to hold community events with the help of sacred arts of music, poetry, spoken word, dance and meditation.

The program is based on the finest ancient practices of world spiritual and healing traditions as well as lessons learned from sustainable development and compassionate social enterprise activities. The program is supervised by Luba Evans-Zion, it also features guest teachers and renown experts in the fields of transformation. To be launched in 2017.


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