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For Women

We offer many on-line and in person classes for women, starting with Magnetic Woman Course to be launched on April 21, 2015.

In the past decades, women gained social and intellectual freedom – coming closer and closer to having an equal opportunity with men. This is truly phenomenal. We’ve come a long way. We occupy executive positions, meditate, do yoga, and say the word “vagina” without blushing. A lot has been gained and a lot of ground has been covered. But the price was high.

Our jaws are clenched, the perceptions of our bodies are cut off, our hands are cold, our hugs are cautious, our breath is shallow. We’ve forgotten how to relax into warm feminine sensual energy, how to trust nature, how to know what we feel, how to live from our intuition, how to make fire, how to cook together, how to sing at weddings, births and funerals, how to create and lead meaningful rituals for our partners, families and tribes. Those simple things – we’ve forgotten.

For thousands of years women have been bringing deep loving connection to every being on Earth, serving as channels of the great Goddess. It is time for us to remember our real essence and our divine feminine arts .

As of now your body, your heart, your family and your Earth need a deep and profound healing, which starts with the divine feminine in you. You have accomplished so much, and it is time to come into the full blossom.

Are you ready to be the legend you were born to become?


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